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Account Level Lead Information

Centralizing lead data enhances your ability to nurture potential customers and drive conversions systematically. In this article, we’ll walk you through the steps to access, organize, and utilize lead information on the account level.

How to View Account-level Leads

Follow the below steps to access all the leads collected in your Landerlab account from multiple landing pages.

  1. Access your Landerlab account.
  2. Go to Leads from the left-side panel of your screen.

When viewing leads at the account level, you will be able to filter them down by landing page, as well as date range. This is quite useful in case you would like to quickly view or export leads coming from two or more landing pages part of the same campaign.

How to Export Leads

Follow the steps below to export your leads from the account level.

  1. Go to Leads
  2. Optional – Filter by any landing page(s) and date range if needed.
  3. Click on Export and you’re done. A CSV file containing your leads’ information will be automatically downloaded.
Updated on August 23, 2023

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