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Working with Page Sections

Web page sections are like chapters in a book. Each section groups related information together. Just as chapters help you find topics in a book, sections make it easier to navigate and understand a web page. Think of them as different areas on a web page that focus on a specific topic or message.

In general landing pages are organized in standard sections like Navbar, Hero, Features, Content, Testimonials, FAQ, etc.

How to Add a Section

Follow the below steps to add a new section to your pages:

  1. Open your landing page in the visual editor.
  2. When inside the visual editor, hover on the left side panel of your screen and click on the Sections button.
  3. When inside the sections list, you can filter by section type. (optional)
  4. Browse the available sections until you find a suitable one for your needs.
  5. Drag and drop the section that you like on the page by positioning it in the desired area of the page.

After adding your new page section, all you’re left to do is edit its visuals and content to blend it with your page’s design.

How to Delete a Section

If there’s a specific section on your landing page that you’re not pleased with, removing it is straightforward. Just choose the section you wish to remove and click the Delete button found on the quick toolbar that appears around the selected section. (See screenshot below)

Alternatively, you can also press the “delete” key on your keyboard.

Updated on May 23, 2024

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